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A simple Bitcoin faucet script with high-level bot protection and tonnes of games.House Edge: Commission, allocated to BitKong per each winning bet within the provided Service.No shared wallet The User must not deposit Bitcoins to the address provided by BitKong from a shared wallet or any other address not solely controlled by the User, as any amounts sent back to the initiating address may not be properly deposited to the User.

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Faucet: Amount of Bitcoins(bits) presented to player for free with certain frequency for purpose of betting.Minimum deposit: Minimum amount of bitcoins, that is recommended to be deposited by player.

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Every cell in the row is hiding a winning or losing result. 1 Choose game level (EASY, MEDIUM, HARD).In case of larger withdrawals, your withdrawal may be marked for manual processing.BitKong prohibits player collusion and do not allow any kind of robots and programmed devices to participate in game play.Nothing in this Agreement shall create or be deemed to create a partnership, agency, trust arrangement, fiduciary relationship or joint venture between you and BitKong.Bitcoin News, Bitcoin Price, Bitcoin Mining, Bitcoin Trading, Bitcoin Games, Bitcoin Forum, Bitcoin Blogs, Tutorials and Bitcoin Faucet.

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Choose one of the cells in first row which you think is winning cell.Top Bitcoin Faucets 2017 to Get Free Satoshis (BTC) Fast and Easy.Accounts terminated by BitKong for any type of abuse, including without limitation a violation of the Terms of Service, the Game-specific Rules, will not be reactivated for any reason.Miscellaneous Nothing in this Agreement shall create or confer any rights or other benefits in favour of any third parties not a party to this Agreement other than with an affiliate of BitKong.

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For the avoidance of doubt, the foregoing restrictions on engaging in betting from Prohibited Jurisdictions applies equally to residents and citizens of other nations while located in a Prohibited Jurisdiction.Yes, number of prizes is limited only by total number of prizes which are available in each draw.Prohibited Use: Prohibited by this Terms of Use and applicable legislation actions in regards of the BitKong.Demo: Virtual version of the Game, which allows User to try playing without placing real bets.

Signed in users have the right to access more benefits at the Website, than not log in users.Bitcoin Dice is a free game you can play to earn real bitcoins.BitKong reserves the right to block any account without any notice due to any suspicious or malicious activity or if it was inactive for the last 6 (six) months.Battle others for Free Bitcoin and claim on the Faucet for more free bitcoin.Website: Website of BitKong located at Website content: All the text, graphics, video, sound, software and other elements of Website and the Game.

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With HARD mode you have 3 cells in the row: 1 winning, 2 losing. 2 Select bet size or input custom shall not be responsible or held liable for any financial losses which might occur as a result of any information, third party link, provided on our website.By using an elaborate system of coconuts, ropes and pulleys, he has created a provably fair game that will strain your nerves with a chance at striking it rich as bananas.BitKong reserves the right to stop accruing interest on Savings account without notice to user.

These websites can help the Bitcoin iGaming industry to bring in new Bitcoin players.BitKong shall not have any responsibilities for any delays, game being stuck or frozen and losses that may occur because of that in the game.

Important: In order to use your faucet your balance has to be less than 10 bits.When you press button to play, your bet is instantly being processed on server.Monster Coin Game is a fun RPG faucet game where you earn big Bitcoin rewards.Your source for Free Bitcoins, Bitcoin Games and Casinos, Mining and other Info.Bitcoin Mining, Bitcoin Trading, Bitcoin Games, Bitcoin Forum, Bitcoin Blogs and Tutorials.

Bitcoin lottery Wordpress plugin which we developed works in similar way like Bitcoin faucets.You agree that you will be solely liable for any damage, costs or expenses arising out of or in connection with the commission by you of any Unauthorized Use.

Load more Two-Factor Authentication Setup Two-Factor Authentication Disable Two-Factor Authentication Verify code and Activate Emergency withdrawal address Setup Two-Factor Authentication.


Free Bitcoin Game is a bitcoin betting site that allows you to.It is your responsibility to determine the law that applies in the location in which you are present.